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Unateus - Pioneering Ecommerce Fulfillment in Africa

Where Innovation Meets Reliability in Fulfillment

Embark on a journey with Unateus, where we redefine Ecommerce fulfillment in Africa. Our approach marries innovative practices with deep insights into the African market, delivering unparalleled service quality and efficiency.

The Unateus Advantage

Partner with Unateus for a uniquely transformative Ecommerce fulfillment experience. Our approach is meticulously crafted to meet the diverse needs of the African market, blending local insights with global standards.


Localized Expertise in Every Country
– Beyond Just Africa

At Unateus, we don't just understand Africa; we have a deep, localized knowledge of each country we operate in. This allows us to offer tailored solutions that are perfectly aligned with the specific needs and nuances of each local market, ensuring more effective and relevant service delivery.


Expertise in Cash on Delivery
– Secure COD Solutions

Despite the challenges in Africa, we excel in handling Cash on Delivery (COD). With years of experience and refined business technologies, we provide secure and reliable COD services, ensuring safe transactions and maintaining the trust of our clients and their customers.


Commitment to Metrics and Client Growth
– Scaling Your Business

Every department at Unateus is dedicated to measurable success and client growth. We focus on key metrics that matter, aiming not just to meet but to exceed expectations, thereby playing a pivotal role in scaling up our clients' businesses.


Results-Oriented Approach
– Success in Every Delivery

Our core philosophy is centered around results. Every team member, every strategy is driven by a results-oriented mindset. We stand unique in our approach of charging only for successfully delivered orders, ensuring our goals are aligned with your success.


Affiliate Marketing Field Friendly
– Customized Services

Our services are ideally suited for clients in the Affiliate Marketing field. With extensive experience and tailored solutions, we cater specifically to the needs of affiliate marketers, ensuring their unique requirements are met with precision and expertise.


IT and Integration Friendly
– Embracing Technological Excellence

Our operations are built on a foundation of technological excellence. We pride ourselves on being IT and integration friendly, meaning we seamlessly blend our services with your existing systems, ensuring smooth, efficient, and advanced operational capabilities.


Experience unparalleled customer engagement with our Call Center and Telemarketing services. We provide personalized, effective communication strategies that resonate with your audience, driving growth and customer loyalty in the African market.


Master the domain of domestic logistics with our specialized courier and delivery services. Designed for efficiency and reliability within each country, we ensure prompt and secure deliveries, enhancing the overall customer experience with our dedicated domestic reach.


Our warehousing solutions are the cornerstone of effective supply chain management. With secure, strategically located warehouses, we offer scalable options to meet the evolving needs of your business, ensuring your inventory is managed with utmost efficiency.

Connect with Africa's Ecommerce Experts

Are you ready to experience a service that not only meets but exceeds expectations? Connect with Unateus today,

and let's create a success story in the African Ecommerce landscape together.

You can reach us via Email:
Or say hello on WhatsApp: +79936033636

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