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Fulfillment for e-commerce in emerging markets

  • Local Call Centers;

  • European standards;

  • Scalable capacity;

  • Price per result;

Call Center agent
  • Network of storages around the country;

  • Responsibility for stock;

  • Transparency of stock balance;

  • Packing;

Warehouse Workers
  • Last mile fulfillment;

  • Cash on delivery;

  • Customer support;

  • Internal quality control;

  • Price per result;

  • Same day delivery;

Last Mile Delivery
Business Meeting

We provide last mile/courier delivery, call center/telemarketing, warehousing services in Africa.

We are locally incorporated in each country of our presence. We have local call centers with in-house agents, as well as in-house delivery men.

You can reach us via Email:

Or say hello on WhatsApp: +79936033636

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