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About Us

Unateus renders a full cycle of logistics services in the markets of Africa and Asia. Our idea is to help various entrepreneurs, CPA companies, e-commerce platforms, web-shops around the world to develop effective business environment, to allow them to bring their products directly to their customers. The important key is to show our new Clients they will get European quality of services, even the operations will be in Nigeria or any other part of the world. The main priority is to control the movement of each order and successfully receiving the payment without any obligations. Even if you haven't ever had any experience of operations in Africa or Asia, you will get 100% of our support, we'll be your bridge to these markets.

Unateus is an international company that provides complex services. We are not just a simple logistic company. Unateus is a complete worldwide solution for the developing business. We provide delivery network, sales call center, warehouses, package, cash on delivery services. We are already working with leaders of CPA-market, classifieds, drop shippers and other e-commerce companies and continue to develop our services with new partners all over the world.

Unateus act as a single point for organizing all the services for our clients to reach their customers - from client’s support to full circle of logistic services. Our agent network will be able to ensure high buyout rate (delivery result), maximize delivery coverage of countries, coordinate all distributions of goods between regions/cities. Our logistics infrastructure is yours. Our network consists of professional, reliable, motivated, smart and fast partners. Their goals are high-quality delivery proceeding on clients’ requests. Our agents earn only if the client is satisfied. It is a win-win business formula implemented in reality.

Our services and expertise:

  • Acquaintance with the country

  • Call center

  • Warehousing

  • Packaging

  • last mile delivery

  • Cash on Delivery

  • fulfillment

  • reverse logistics

  • money transferring

  • Analytics and reports

  • Customer support

  • Client's upscaling and development

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