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Why don’t we hire employees like all the other companies?

The answer to this question is the most important thing you have to know about Unateus company.

Let’s say we have clients from whom we receive the orders we have to deliver. When our company delivers an order, it receives money from the client. Accordingly, we have to pay all our employees. It is very simple and straightforward.

However, there is a nuance. We would still have to pay an employee, a courier, for instance, even if he or she had been working badly. That is, a courier signs a contract with our company where he or she pledges to work well. By hiring him or her, we, in turn, pledge to pay a certain amount of money. A net deal.

But what if a courier doesn’t work well? What if he or she is too lazy to go and deliver an order? What if he or she has a headache? What if he or she is just a bad courier? What if he or she is just lying to us? We are located halfway around the world, so we have no means to check it. Well, actually, we do, but we founded this company to make money, not to check on our couriers.

Or here is another example. 

What if there is a courier who works very well? And not just works well but also finds an individual approach to each customer? What if this courier makes 10 more deliveries than the other courier every day? What if this courier can teach new candidates and has got all the making of a leader? – We have to pay this courier as much as we pay the one who fails to perform his or her duties. It’s quite possible that we won’t even find out that we’ve got such a jewel in our company. So, working under this surge and faceless payroll scheme, we might lose an opportunity to empower and improve our company.

And that’s where you learn the most important thing about us. We want and we will pay only for the result. In our company, the result is the number one slot. We don’t want to pay a salary just because everyone does so. We want to pay for clear and specific results that have been achieved and are now measurable. We want to know and see our best workers even when we are in snowy Moscow. We want to develop our company and we are ready to work outside the box.

Employees usually dislike such payroll schemes. They don’t like not knowing how much money they will bring home at the end of the month. They want and require a fixed salary. It’s their right/ We understand it and accept it. And we don’t work with them.

We’ve been thinking where can we find so many brave, successful and industrious people? – Of course. We need entrepreneurs. And the entrepreneurs need us.

As soon as we devised this scheme, things worked out. It all made sense. And you, dear reader, should understand this. We don’t owe you anything. You don’t owe us anything. We can work together because it’s beneficial for both of us. But as soon as your results no longer satisfy us, we will terminate our cooperation. You see, you will be receiving orders from us permanently, every day. You won’t need to think about attracting new customers. You will be sure that while you are cooperating with us, you will always be provided with work. You will have orders until your results satisfy us, make us happy and exceed our expectations.

That’s what it’s all about. Do you get it?

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