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Opportunities. It is a complicated word, tricky even.

Opportunities. It tempts you, sort of promising you success, joy, achievements, and money. Sort of.

Have you ever wondered what an opportunity is actually? Are you sure that you understand this word correctly? Or do you, like the majority of people, associate it with magic and luck, with huge wins that have fallen in your lap all of a sudden?

The trick of this word is that it is tempting. It lures you into the dreams and chains of events by promising a lot. Opportunities are promised to everyone, but only a few get what’s promised.

An opportunity is a chance. Your chance. But this chance does not equal a win. This is the reality. 

We are used to expressions like “a unique chance”, “a wonderful opportunity”, “seize the day”, “don’t pass up the opportunity” and so forth and so on. By devaluing these words and substituting the concepts, salespeople and marketing experts have destroyed the real meaning of these words for profits and commercial gains. They tell us that “opportunities” is a win already. And that’s the big lie. An opportunity is a tiny little opening into another world. The world you have never been to. And that world does not have any magic. An opportunity is a silver lining in the darkness. You’ll have to go to great length to light this darkness, and with perseverance, having spent many years of your life on it, you’ll probably make it. That’s what an opportunity is.

“You have an opportunity to become a partner and start your business”. How do you read this message? Do you see yourself being a millionaire already? Do you imagine yourself in a cozy office sitting behind a huge desk? Looking through a glass wall of your office, do you see your employees pacing back and forth? Do you see everything going like clockwork? Do you see yourself already making millions of money? Do you see pictures like in American movies? - Well, you should stop.

Why do you see this particular picture? Which word has triggered such a reaction? “An opportunity”? “A partner”? “Your own business?”

In fact, “an opportunity” and “a partner” and “your own business” represent completely different pictures in real life. Let’s see.

“You have an opportunity to become a partner and start your business”.

We are a company that gives you this particular opportunity. Not the one with a glass-walled office. Another one.

Unateus Company is an international company, headquartered in Moscow, Russia. We’ve been working in Nigeria since 2017. We provide fulfillment services. Right now, we focus on the development of Nigeria and rest Africa. We see great potential in Nigeria but also great challenges and great difficulties. 

Unfortunately, courier and fulfillment companies in Nigeria provide services of very low quality. In all the time we’ve been working in that country, we couldn’t find any courier company we could offer a partnership. Not even a much-hyped one. For some reason, Nigerian courier companies are not interested in providing high-quality services. They are not willing to take responsibility for their actions or account to the clients for the achieved results. That has been our observation. No offense.

But since in our view, Nigeria has great potential, we didn’t want to just give up and stop the business in the country. We seized the opportunity, rolled up the sleeves and started building our fulfillment network without the involvement of third parties.

What does it mean?

1. We’ve created our standards. We’ve described how we see our partner. We’ve portrayed one in detail and we’ve started working with independent entrepreneurs who match the description.

2. We’ve written down quality standards. Meeting these standards at full extent, rigorously and consistently, that’s what our clients expect. And that’s what we expect from our partners, at all times and without exceptions.

3. We provide training. We understand that a person can simply lack knowledge. But we are only ready to invest our time in talented businessmen, entrepreneurs, and start-up entrepreneurs who want to work with international clients.

4. We are honest. We don’t promise mountains and marvels. We tell you that it’s going to be hard and that at the beginning you will be earning very little. We know that it’s not easy working within our standards. We know that without strenuous effort and hard work nothing works. We know that we only want to work with honest entrepreneurs. 

5. We test the honesty of our partners. We run several security checks on our partners, including the verification of the police database. Our partners = us. If our partners let us down, it means that it was us who let the client down. It is a high reputational risk and we always minimize our risks.

6. We will always help you. We won’t do your job for you but we’ll give you some advice, navigate you and help you resolve a conflict. We won’t abandon you. But for this, you have to come to us and share. Tell us everything honestly, without any understatements. You have to come to us and tell the truth.

7. We are strict. If we see that some of the requirements of our clients are not met, we stop the working process. If we understand that someone is trying to fool us we stop working with this partner. If we don’t understand what’s happening on the partner’s side, if we don’t get the expected results and ongoing communication, we stop working with the partner.

8. We don’t play any games and we take the business seriously. We don’t care what you think of us on a personal level. What matters for us is the result. If you provide the results as they should be, then this partnership makes sense. It’s beneficial, profitable, honest, and real.

9. We give you an opportunity to become our partner and work with international clients. We give this opportunity only, no American movies. We give an opportunity to make money by your hard work, your skills, and your perseverance. We don’t give you any “wonderful” opportunities, only real ones. 

If you want a real opportunity and are ready for a real partnership, then welcome aboard. We have a lot to discuss. 



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